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Medical Malpractice Defense In South Carolina

Charleston medical malpractice lead counsel Paul R. ThurmondFacing a medical malpractice suit can be devastating for any physician. It threatens not just your livelihood, but also your career.

Unfortunately, these cases have become all too common in South Carolina in recent years.

You owe it to yourself to protect your license and rights by seeking experienced legal counsel from Thurmond, Kirchner and Timbes.

We can help you fight charges of medical malpractice and misdiagnosis. Bring your case to our defense lawyers in Charleston, and we’ll walk you through this career-defining period.

You probably have questions about your case. We’ll sit with you and answer each one. At the top of your mind may be regarding what exactly constitutes medical malpractice in South Carolina.

South Carolina Medical Malpractice Laws

Medical malpractice in South Carolina is medical negligence caused by the way in which a medical professional acts or fails to act, leading to the patient’s death or injury.

Malpractice suits can be filed against physicians but also nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, dentists and more.

Some of the most common claims in South Carolina include those having to do with:

  • Births
  • Errors made in the emergency room
  • Surgery
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Anesthesia
  • Incorrect diagnosis

What Medical Malpractice Is Not

Equally important to knowing what is medical malpractice, you should know what it is not.

When a patient is unhappy with the outcome of their treatment or surgery, that doesn’t mean malpractice occurred. It simply may mean the patient had unrealistic expectations.

It’s also not malpractice every time a doctor makes a mistake. The plaintiff must prove the doctor’s mistake violated accepted standards of care — that is, would another doctor with the same skills and experience level make the same mistake under the same circumstances. Sometimes, the answer is yes.

Finally, medical malpractice carries a three-year statute of limitations, save for certain instances of extenuating circumstances.

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Whether an accident occurred that led a patient to file suit or the patient had contributory negligence, Thurmond, Kirchner and Timbes can help you fight the charges against you.

Our attention to detail and responsiveness are what you’d expect from a small firm, but we have the experience and knowledge of a large firm. We also work hard to minimize public exposure for our clients, even in high-profile cases.

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