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Possession of drugs and trafficking drugs are two different things in the eyes of the law. One carries more serious consequences than the other, but you’ll need a vigorous defense if you face charges for any drug crimes in South Carolina. You need to ensure you have an experienced defense lawyer who’s been involved in previous drug crime cases in South Carolina. You need Thurmond Kirchner & Timbes.

We’ll protect your rights in the court room, working to secure the best possible legal outcome for your case. We will also answer your questions about your case along the way. You should understand basic things about the charges against you, such as the difference between drug possession and drug trafficking.

What Is Drug Possession?

There are two types of drug possession in South Carolina. The first, actual possession, means you have the drug in your physical possession, such as in a pocket or purse. The second, constructive possession, means you may not have the drug on you, but you know it is there and you can exercise dominion or control of it.

This is different than just being in the presence of drugs. Possession indicates some level of ownership or influence over them. If convicted, you can face fines and up to a year in prison for actual possession, depending on your previous offenses.

What Is Drug Trafficking?

Trafficking is when you possess more than a specified quantity of drugs. It’s not necessary to prove the accused planned to sell or distribute the drugs to be charged with trafficking. The potential penalties depend on what substance you possess, previous convictions and the amount in possession.

Fight Drug Charges of Possession and Trafficking With Our Defense Attorneys in Charleston

Fighting drug charges, whether it’s possession or trafficking, requires a lawyer who has experience in this arena. You want someone knowledgeable about the law who will present a thorough defense, such as questioning the methods of search and whether drug-sniffing dogs were used.

At Thurmond Kirchner & Timbes, we have provided a robust defense for many clients on drug charges. We’ll handle your case discretely to protect your reputation, and we’ll ensure you have access to us and our talented support staff to answer questions and keep you informed. Call us at (843) 937-8000 to set up a free consultation about your drug possession or trafficking case.

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