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According to the CDC, there have been over 4,000 drunk driving related deaths in SC over the past decade. Whether misdemeanor or felony charges, DUI cases are treated very seriously in our state. You need a skilled DUI attorney if you have been arrested under suspicion of drunk driving in the state of South Carolina. Here at Thurmond, Kirchner & Timbes, we understand that a DUI criminal charge has the potential to wreak havoc in your life, and we want to be here for you in this difficult time. A potential DUI conviction may lead to increased car insurance rates, termination of employment, mandatory alcohol training courses, community service, legal fines, and in some cases even jail time. At TKT we utilize every available resource to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible outcome for their individual case and, hopefully, avoid these punishments. Often, our skilled attorneys are able to have drunk driving charges reduced to a lesser crime or even thrown out of court entirely. You need a competent and qualified legal team to stand up for your rights and help you avoid serious consequences from a DUI conviction.

Blood Alcohol Content

“BAC” stands for blood alcohol content, and it is a tool that law enforcement uses to determine how much alcohol is in your bloodstream. Typically, BAC will be measured by either a breathalyzer test, blood or urine analysis. Most people know that the legal BAC driving limit in the US is 0.08%. However, did you know that in the state of South Carolina, the limit can be even lower? If you have a Class B CDL (commercial driver’s license), your maximum BAC is 0.04%. If you are under the legal drinking age, you are past the limit with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.02% or higher.

If you were administered a BAC test and subsequently charged with a DUI or DUAC, you still have options. These tests are known to be unreliable, and simply failing a breathalyzer does not mean you will automatically be convicted. An experienced criminal defense attorney at Thurmond, Kirchner & Timbes can review your specific case and determine if the BAC results can be thrown out. Often, law enforcement officers do not follow proper procedure during drunk driving stops, rendering these results void. A lawyer familiar with South Carolina DUI law can determine if your rights have been violated and will hold the arresting officer accountable.

Drug related DUI Charges

Law enforcement officers may choose to charge you with a DUI if they suspect you to be driving while under the influence of illegal drugs, including marijuana. During a stop, they will measure your blood alcohol content, and even if the breathalyzer test is completely negative or below the legal limit they can complete further evaluations. Evidence in a drug-related DUI charge may include accounts of the field sobriety tests, urine or blood drug screening and evidence of prior convictions. If you were arrested or charged with a DUI despite clean BAC results, you need to meet with a qualified defense attorney to advise you of your rights and options. Legal representation from Thurmond, Kirchner & Timbes is the first step to ensure that your drug-related DUI case is resolved in the best possible way.

Pleading Guilty to DUI Charges

In some cases, pleading guilty to drunk driving charges is a better option than going to trial. However, you should not assume on your own that this is the best choice for you. An experienced DUI attorney can review the facts of your case and guide you through every step of the process, whether that means going to trial or entering a guilty plea. Sometimes an attorney will determine that the evidence in your case is weak enough to return with a not guilty verdict from the courts. The TKT team has enough experience and expertise to navigate the system and determine how you can best be defended against your charges.

Drunk Driving Accidents

If you were charged with a DUI after being involved in a traffic accident, it is important to have legal counsel on your side as soon as possible. Car crashes involving property damage, injury or even death are treated much more severely if one or more drivers are deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have been accused of causing an accident while driving drunk, a skilled attorney can defend you and your reputation during this difficult time. The lawyers at Thurmond Kirchner and Timbes are here to listen to your side of the story and stand up for your rights. No matter the circumstances, a TKT attorney strives to present the best case that will let you move past the accident and get on with your life.

Felony DUI

Most people are aware that traffic accidents caused by drunk driving warrant more severe punishments than non-accident-related charges. However, there are several other circumstances that may lead to more serious consequences in South Carolina courts. Any of the following may increase the risk of severe penalties, including jail time: habitual or recurring offenses, reckless driving, driving with child passengers in the car, or BAC results above 0.12%. If your case involves one or more of these factors you may be charged with a felony DUI, which is more serious and consequential than the standard misdemeanor charge. Thurmond, Kirchner & Timbes has extensive courtroom experience handling both misdemeanor and felony drunk driving charges. If you have aggravating circumstances that may add to the severity of your sentence, you need a trusted DUI attorney on your side.

Thurmond, Kirchner & Timbes has a strong reputation in the McCormick court system and a proven track record. Our skilled attorneys will give every DUI case the attention and focus it deserves. If you are facing DUI or DUAC charges, it is essential that you contact a South Carolina defense attorney to review the facts and circumstances surrounding your case.

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